Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering, deals with the engineering problems, opportunities and needs of electrical, electronics, computer, telecommunication systems and related industries. This branch provides students with a wide range of fundamental knowledge in core disciplines such as communications, control systems, signal processing, radio frequency design, micro-processors, micro-electronics, power generation and electrical machines. The discipline focuses on design and manufacture of electrical, electronic devised, computers and their component parts, as well as on the integration of components into complex systems.

What does an EEE engineer do?

  • EEE Engineers focuses on the analysis, design, development and manufacture of electrical equipments , electronic devices, Mechatronics technologies, automation and control systems
  • Electrical Engineers deal with power generation and transmission systems.
  • EEE engineers, design circuits for electrically operated vehicles, computers, digital devices, electronic memory storage devices, industrial robots and CNC machines. • EEE Engineers setup & operate the telecommunication, wireless and internet networks.

Who should opt for EEE?

If one likes, Electrical Circuits, Electronic Devices, Computers (Hardware & Software), Robotics, Remote Controlled Toys, Electrical Home Appliances and Machineries

Course Duration : Electrical Engineering is 3 Years full time course with a semester pattern including 6 Semester

Eligibility : Matriculation 10 +

Syllabus : Click here to Download Electrical Engineering Syllabus Online


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